Positive Puppy Potential: Training That Clicks!

Dawn Pizzoferrato

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Positive Puppy Potential: Training That Clicks!
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Positive Puppy Potential: Training That Clicks!

This course will cover the basics to get you started on a trusting, respectful and fulfilling relationship with your new puppy. Each class will include teaching a new basic obedience behavior, like “sit”, down, “don’t pull” and “come” with the scientifically proven training method of Clicker Training. Each class will also include “Puppy Do’s and Don’ts” to answer your specific questions, problems and concerns.  And of course, each week your puppy will get to PLAY and socialize. And you, as a “Puppy Parent” will learn what to look for in puppy play, what’s appropriate, what’s not, when to step in and when to let it roll. For puppies 8-20 weeks. All puppies must be current with vaccinations appropriate for their age. Bring lots of YOUR puppy’s favorite soft treats. Class size is limited. Drop in also available for $25 per class.

Tuesdays 6-7 pm.  Six Weeks: 4/9-5/14

OR DROP IN FOR $25 PER CLASS! You can sign up for a drop in class online - select "single drop-in class" option on check-out.

Price: $139.00
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Drop-in: 2/061
Drop-in: 2/132
Drop-in: 2/202
Drop-in: 2/272

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