Dog Parkour™

Dog Parkour TM combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create an accessible activity for dogs and humans alike. Dogs get introduced to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing over, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in their everyday world. Parkour can be done anywhere and is limited only by one’s imagination. Dog Parkour helps with confidence and overcoming fears, and it is a low impact but challenging activity for any canine athlete.

Dog Parkour™

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For new and advanced students.  Parkour is a fun sport that combines elements of agility and exploration.  This class is going to be primarily indoors and will focus on building the core skill needed to be a Parkour Dog! Beginner students will focus on novice level activities, while more advanced students will be building fluency in hand-stands, Tic-Tacs, and transition the novice skills to more challenging objects.  This class is reactive dog friendly, a great confidence booster, and will help you add some spice to your routine walks.  Please bring your dog on a harness with a standard 6 ft leash, plenty of really yummy treats (cheese, chicken, hot dogs, or similar).  Prong, slip, choke, vibration, or shock collars not permitted.

Thursdays, 6:30-7:15 pm.  Eight weeks: 4/2-5/21

**Class taught by Maegan Payne**


All students must fill out a training survey.

Please provide proof of vaccinations on or before the first night of class.

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