Reactive-Dog Friendly Agility

Amanda Ferris

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Reactive-Dog Friendly Agility
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Reactive-Dog Friendly Agility

This agility class is reactive-dog friendly! Since this class is catered to dogs who struggle with reactivity, may not be suitable for non-reactive dogs due to limited equipment usage.

Unleash your dog's potential! Instead of being roadblocks, obstacles are the bridge between dog and handler.  In this fun and practical class, teams will utilize agility obstacles in a non-competitive environment. Class size is limited! NOTE: no prong, choke, e-collar, flexi, and bring a sandwich bag full of treats like real meat and cheese (hotdogs, chicken, mozzarella sticks).

Prerequisites:  Dogs should have completed some level of reactive dog training before signing upAll people reactive dogs must have 2 handlers present for each class.

Mondays. 7:45-8:45pm. Six weeks: 7/8-8/12

*Class limited to 5 Students


All students must fill out a training survey.

Please provide proof of vaccinations on or before the first night of class. Can now be uploaded at sign up, but not required.

Due to high demand, AnnaBelle's does not offer refunds on classes after the class has started.

Price: $219.00
DatesNumber Available
7/8-8/12 7:45pm4

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