Private Lessons with Dagny! (February)

Dagny Kaspar

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Private Lessons with Dagny! (February)
Dagny Kaspar is now offering private lessons and behavior consultations on site at AnnaBelle's. If you sign up the night before or the day of a private lesson, please email Dagny at to let her know!
30-min private lesson
Receive one-on-one help with:
-brushing up on your training skills
-practicing for tests like TDI, CGC, and Buddy's PALS
-getting your dog used to the training space before attending your first class

30-min behavior consultation
-discuss your dog's problem behaviors
-receive a custom training plan for you and your dog to improve their behavior
-learn what habits you can change in your daily life to help the training stick

Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1-4pm.


All students must fill out a training survey.

Please provide proof of vaccinations on or before the first night of class. Can now be uploaded at sign up, but not required.

Price: $50.00
Date - TimesNumber Available
2/24 - 4 pm1

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