Rodent Adventure Tracking I (RAT)™: Indication

Karen Ryder

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Rodent Adventure Tracking I (RAT)™: Indication
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Rodent Adventure Tracking I (RAT)™: Indication
Looking for a fun way to keep your dog active this winter? Engage your dog’s seeking instinct and practice the fundamental skills of the Rodent Adventure Tracking sport. Dogs will learn how to identify and seek out the correct scent and to give a strong indication when a rat is present.
Rodent Adventure Tracking (RAT)™ is an interdisciplinary sport that combines scents and obstacles to engage a dog’s five senses and express their instincts in an urban setting. Dogs apply their hunting instincts to find hidden rodents. Everyday objects found in homes and basements such as fabric, boxes, boards, etc. are used to hide the rodents and add difficulty. This tests the dog’s ability to hunt and the handler’s ability to read the dog.

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:15 pm: 8 weeks: 5/3-6/21


All students must fill out a training survey.

Please provide proof of vaccinations on or before the first night of class. Can now be uploaded at sign up, but not required.

Due to high demand, AnnaBelle's does not offer refunds on classes after the class has started.

Price: $189.00
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