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AnnaBelle's most important community partners in the care of your pets are veterinarians. We regularly consult with many local veterinary professionals to make sure we are providing the best and safest care for your pets.

We are very lucky to have so many wonderful veterinarians in the Lansing area, along with the resources at MSU Veterinary College and Teaching Hospital. Many veterinary and pre-veterinary students work at AnnaBelle's and are our clients as well.

In addition to being our professional consultants, many area veterinarians are our clients, our students, and our dear friends. Their opinions mean a great deal to us, so we think you'll find them helpful as well in making choices about the best care for your pets.

And, enjoy our new blog series The Vet's Perspective, with Dr. Joyce Heideman of Southside Animal Hospital!

Veterinarians, professional veterinary staff, and veterinary students
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  • Jessica L. Lindahl, DVM
    I was referred to Carol by a close friend and veterinary school classmate in early 2017 regarding my own pooch, who was having more frequent episodes of reactivity around other dogs. We started off with Carol’s Calm and Confident Training Course and I was incredibly impressed with my experience. I went into the course thinking my dog was purely a bully and wanting to exert his dominance over other dogs. I came out of this course understanding that his behavior is likely more stress- and anxiety-related, which I had not considered previously. With training methods that are built around positive reinforcement and setting a dog up for success, I saw my dog make great strides in his ability to cope in a room full of dogs. Since then I have taken R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and ABC: Agility Builds Confidence I, and I continue to see striking improvements in my dog’s ability to remain below threshold and concentrate on my commands around other dogs. The most important thing that Carol has done isn’t centered on helping me train my dog; she has helped to train me! My dog was feeding off of the ways that I handled him in stressful situations and in everyday life in our home, and she helped change the way that I think and act, which is invaluable. Though I have had moments of frustration and perceived failure, Carol continues to give me confidence to keep going and achieve goals I hadn’t thought possible with my dog.

    Carol has not only helped me understand how my own dog thinks and has helped me to develop a stronger relationship with my fur-kid, but she has helped to change the way I handle my patients in the workplace for the better. In a veterinary setting, more often than not, we have patients that are incredibly fearful and anxious for even basic handling for physical examinations, especially when one is painful or ill. I now approach these patients in a different manner than I did before, because I have a better understanding of how a dog may be thinking or feeling. This in turn provides a much calmer and more positive vet-visit experience for not only the pet, but also their owners. Carol has changed my career on a daily basis for the better.

    When working with Carol through issues with my own pet, I can see that she truly loves what she does and has a never-ending desire to foster the human-animal bond in anyone who seeks her help or takes one of her training courses. I have and will continue to recommend Carol’s training courses and expertise for any pets that I perceive having problem behaviors (ranging from minor to more serious), and to devoted owners that want to pursue training experiences that will strengthen the ever-important bond with their dog. I plan to continue to take her training courses because, let’s face it: my dog adores her!
    Veterinary Clinic:
    Apple Grove Veterinary Care
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Gillian Irving, DVM, Diplomate A.C.V.I.M (Neurology)
    I have known Carol Hein-Creger for over thirty years and have known her to be an excellent dog trainer and exhibitor. Carol has an excellent understanding of canine behavior and has put this to good use in training her own dogs and helping others train their dogs. I would not hesitate to
    recommend her for training dogs to be good citizens, basic obedience, show training or problem behavior counseling. Carol understands dogs and respects them.
    Veterinary Clinic:
    Tampa Bay Veterinary Neurology, PA
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Missy V. Crandall, DVM
    I have known Carol for several years and always recommended her training classes to my clients. After taking several classes myself, I have a new insight into dog behavior.

    Carol understands dog behavior unlike anyone I've ever seen. Her training methods work and just make sense. She realizes that every dog learns a little bit different and adjusts her methods to fit the dog.

    Carol's classes are so much fun and have given me the opportunity to bond with my dogs even more. There isn't any other trainer I would recommend.
    Veterinary Clinic:
    Abbott Road Animal Clinic
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Joyce Heideman, DVM
    As a veterinarian serving the Lansing area for over 25 years, I have known of and worked with many dog obedience trainers. Yet, Carol Hein-Creger remains the instructor of choice that I refer my clients to, and that I take my own pets to.

    I first met Carol as a trainer with a dog that I owned while going through vet school. You don’t need to do the math, let’s just say it was a while ago. My first and lasting impression was that Carol is passionate about her training, and she has a very natural ability to read and interact with dogs. In addition to that, she has a very subtle and gentle way of interacting with owners, so that you seldom feel singled out and embarrassed in class. Probably one of the most important traits is Carol’s willingness and eagerness to adapt and learn from her training. A truly good teacher learns from her experience almost as much as she teaches, and Carol fits that bill.

    Back in the day, dog training was more about punishment, than training, and the tools of the trade for most trainers were pinch collars and choke chains. Fortunately, dog training has evolved, and Carol and her methods have evolved along with it. At present, Carol is well regarded among veterinarians and other trainers as a leading “non-aversive” dog trainer in the greater Lansing area. She has earned that recognition by educating herself regarding new methods and ideas, and refusing to remain chained to obsolete and ineffective methods.

    As I mentioned previously, Carol has a very natural ability with animals, especially the dogs in the classes she teaches. Many of us sit in class, secretly hoping that she will pick our dog for the “demo” dog, because we know that our pet will shine, if only for a moment, under her tutelage. Then she gives the dog back to us, and it is pretty obvious which end of the leash needs the training! Fortunately, Carol does not draw attention to this obvious fact. On the contrary, she works to help people discover how their dog learns and what they can do to help their pet excel. When possible, she individualizes the training because each dog, like children, learns a little bit differently. Carol is very good at recognizing these differences and helping the owner learn how to work with them.

    As a veterinarian that has owned and trained many dogs through the years, I have learned the value of structured obedience, and recommend it to my clients. In addition to the “manners” your pet can learn and the “tips” that you learn in such a class, the effect it can have on your bond with your pet is phenomenal. Whether you are taking puppy classes, or beginning, or working on getting your dog it’s CGC, or teaching your dog confidence in agility, the time you spend in these classes will be memorable and usually a lot of fun. For that reason, many of my clients are often surprised to look over and see me in class with one of my brood, right alongside them. It is an important part of shaping the bond with my pets. Equally important is finding a passionate, knowledgeable and dynamic instructor, like Carol Hein-Creger.
    Veterinary Clinic:
    Southside Animal Hospital
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Cathy Greenfield, DVM, MS, DACVS
    I have been obedience training my own dogs and competing with them for many years. When I lived in Lansing, I initially took classes from Carol, and ultimately helped her teach classes. Carol is one of the most gifted obedience instructors that I have ever met. She has an amazing ability to help people shape their dogs into well behaved companions and also to help people with dogs that have serious behavior problems. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I strongly recommend Carol as an instructor for both obedience classes and for private instruction and behavior problem counseling.
    Veterinary Clinic:
    University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Jim Kiomento, DVM
    I have known Carol Hein-Creger for over thirty years. She is a life-long student of animal behavior and her ability to train dogs and their owners in a humane and effective way has proven itself time after time. Whether it be addressing simple puppy concerns, rehabilitating the aggressive dog or anything in between, Carol has the experience and the expertise to find a sound and lasting solution to the problem. I have long referred clients to Carol and continue to do so without reservation.
    Veterinary Clinic:
    Perry Animal Clinic
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Jamie Kopper
    I have taken multiple classes through the Canine Training Center and at the end of each and every session my Dane has shown marked improvements. Erinn and Carol work with you, help you identify problems, and then find ways for you to fix them with your dog in an easy to understand and practical approach. After adopting my Dane (who was reactive with little training) less than 3 months prior and attending a 6 week canine good citizen class he passed his CGC test and went on to pass his therapy dog international test. His rescue can't believe what a different dog he has become! Better yet, he adores the trainers -- which speaks highly of their ability to not only get results, but do so in a positive manner.

    Erinn and Carol not only helped me work on Grover’s manners and socialization but also gave me the confidence to take him out in public. Not only did Grover pass his Canine Good Citizen’s test on his first try but he also plays well with other dogs and I love taking him everywhere with me! His foster parents think that we have accomplished what they would have previously deemed impossible for him.

    Even better, not only does Grover come to Annabelle’s for class to work on his manners and socialization skills but he also truly loves coming and absolutely adores Erinn – his ears perk up and tail starts wagging the minute he sees her. He always comes and leaves a happy dog. This speaks volumes of their ability to positively work with the dogs and get positive, if not amazing, results.
    Veterinary Clinic:
    MSU College of Veterinary Medicine
    Veterinary Student/Future Veterinarian
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