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rescue 911

Training Class Discount for Dogs Adopted From Local Rescues!

AnnaBelle's is devoted to all dogs, but has a special soft spot for rescue dogs. AnnaBelle's owners and trainers have themselves adopted dozens of rescue dogs and want to support and encourage dog rescue in the Greater Lansing community. One of the most important things you can do with your new rescue dog is to attend a basic obedience training class. Training will establish the foundation of your relationship with your new dog, will help your dog build confidence, and is key to avoiding those problem behaviors and issues that often arise with a new family member. In these difficult economic times, AnnaBelle's knows that it can be challenging to find the time and money to devote to a training class. But, we believe that devoting this time at the beginning of your relationship will save you time and money by avoiding stress, ruined personal items, and preventing problem behaviors before they start. If you sign up your newly adopted rescue dog in one of AnnaBelle's training classes within six months of the date of adoption, you will get 10% off the cost of any training class.

Please email us at, the name of the organization from which you adopted your rescue dog, your rescue organization contact person's name and email address, the date you adopted your rescue dog, and your rescue dog's name. We will send you the coupon code to use for on-line registration to receive your 10% discount! Or, call us at 517.599.0995 to register.

Check out our current training class schedule!

Training Class Discount Program for Dog Rescue Foster Parents!

AnnaBelle's supports and encourages the fostering of rescue dogs. We know how much work, effort, time, and money foster parents devote to their foster dogs. And, we know how much good training helps to get those foster dogs adopted! We are offering two discount training programs for foster parents to work with their foster dogs.

  • Under the first discount program, foster parents can sign up a foster dog for training and get approximately 1/3 off the price of any class we offer! Our six week classes (regularly $159) are only $109 for foster parents! If you are a foster parent and would like to sign up for any class, please email AnnaBelle's ( with the name of the rescue you are fostering with, the name and email address or phone number of your rescue organization contact person, and the name of your foster dog. We will send you the coupon code to use for on-line registration. Or, call us at 517.599.0995 to register.
  • Hopefully, your foster dogs will get adopted quickly! But, if that happens, you may not be able to complete an entire training class with a single foster dog. Under our second foster parent discount program, we offer a convenient and low-cost drop-in punch card so you can bring any foster dog to any class we offer! Our 6-session punch cards for foster dogs are only $129 and are good for six months from the date of purchase. We also offer a single drop-in for $25. Instructor approval required before any drop-ins are permitted. This option cannot be used for reactive dog classes.  *CANNOT BE USED IN COMBINATION WITH ANY OTHER COUPONS OR DISCOUNTS*

Check out our current training class schedule!

rescue 911

Interested in Adopting a Rescue Dog?

There are many adorable, happy, and great family dogs of all sizes, shapes, ages and colors available for adoption in the Greater Lansing area. We hope that you will consider saving a dog by adopting from a rescue. For more information about adopting rescue dogs in the Greater Lansing area, please contact one of the following rescue organizations:

Please see our regularly featured local rescue dogs available for adoption on The AnnaBlog!