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“Wash and Wear” Dog Wash to Benefit Animal Placement Bureau and Voiceless-Michigan!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011


Ingham County Animal Shelter ADOPT-A-FEST 2011!

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Support ICACS Humanitarian Awards Banquet 2011

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter annual awards banquet to honor members of the community who have helped the lives of animals during 2010 will be held at the Lansing Country Club. Social hour 6-7 pm, dinner at 7 pm, followed by the awards ceremony. There will also be a silent auction. Tickets $40 per person. Contact 517-676-8370 or for more information!

Paws With Claus!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

On December 4, 2010, the Michigan State University Public Relations Student Society of America (MSU PRSSA) teamed up with AnnaBelle’s Pet Station and Pizzoferrato Photography for Paws With Claus!  For a $10 donation, pet parents had a fun photo shoot with Santa.  With photo shoot donations and cool raffle prizes from AnnaBelle’s, the MSU PRSSA, and the Downtown Dog House, we were able to raise $680!  We donated $340 to the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter animal care fund, and $340 went back to the PRSSA to support their events, works, and activities.  Check out some of the amazing and adorable photos taken by David and Dawn Pizzoferrato!  We hope you enjoy these festive photos with Santa.

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Join Us for Paws With Claus!

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Barney Rubble’s Story

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Barney Rubble at his home in Detroit

Barney's old dog house and the new dog house Mary bought for him

We’d like you to meet Barney Rubble, a 100 pound Rottweiler, who despite living outside on a chain in Detroit, was pretty well-cared for and has a super-sweet, loving disposition. His family saved him from being a guard dog at a local business, but they didn’t have the means to care for him. A kind soul named Mary, driving through his neighborhood in Detroit on her way to work, stopped by and asked his family if they needed help caring for him. Thankfully, they said yes. For over a year, Mary stopped to see Barney Rubble twice a day, feeding and watering him, changing the straw in his new dog house that she got for him, giving him love and affection, and playing ball with him – his very favorite past-time!

Guardian angel Mary took Barney to the vet, and had all his vaccinations done, as she had done with other dogs in this neighborhood. She made sure Barney was very well-fed and he was even a little chubby – she liked to call him her “little cow.” Between Mary and his family, Barney was loved.

All in all, Barney didn’t have such a bad life. Until his family’s house burned down. His family, under their dire circumstances, left Barney in Mary’s care. Unfortunately, Mary could not take Barney home with her because she lives in a small apartment. Mary’s mother, another guardian angel, had already taken in three large stray dogs and could not take another. Mary could not bear the thought of Barney Rubble being picked up by animal control or being taken by someone with bad intentions. She contacted the Rottweiler Rescue to see if they could help. Coincidentally, the folks at the Rottweiler Rescue knew that AnnaBelle’s was looking for a foster dog to go through training classes, be socialized in day care, and turned into a upstanding member of the community.  And so the match was made! Barney became AnnaBelle’s first foster dog.

Barney's Family Home After it Burned to the Ground

Barney’s First Day at AnnaBelle’s

Erinn Hadley, trainer and professional handler, temperament tested Barney Rubble and found him to have a sound temperament, with no toy or food aggression. Thankfully, Barney does not have any fear of people and clearly views them as the source of all good things for him. He has a true affection for people and just wants someone by his side. After giving Barney some time to adjust, our groomer and professional pet stylist, Michelle van Kleef, gave Barney a good scrubbing. Michelle reports that Barney was a very well-behaved during the grooming process, despite the fact that he’s probably never had a bath before!

Next, Barney went to see veterinarian and good friend of AnnaBelle’s, Dr. Joyce Heideman at the Southside Animal Hospital. Dr. Joyce said Barney was in pretty good shape – except, he was heartworm positive. Not surprising news, but a little disappointing. The Rottweiler Rescue offered to pay for his heartworm treatment and soon, Barney Rubble was on his way to good health.  He is now nine weeks out from his heartworm treatment and doing very well!


Barney just started his beginning obedience classes. Our wonderful interns from the Michigan State University Pre-Veterinary Medicine program, began working with Barney in classes with Carol Hein-Creger and Erinn Hadley of the Canine Training Center this week. This is no easy task. While Barney is sweet and kind, he is also 100 pounds of determined Rottweiler and has had no previous training whatsoever! But our interns are doing an amazing job. They have even volunteered to work with Barney on the weekends so that he gets practice, activity, and positive reinforcement.

Barney also loves other dogs. He still gets a little over-excited when he meets new dogs, but loves to romp and play with other large dogs, especially other Rottweilers and pitbulls. Last week, he spent several days at Carol Hein-Creger’s house and got to play with her long-haired foster Rottweiler, Skye, and another Rottweiler, Amos. Barney had so much fun! Soon, Barney will be neutered (Skye and the rest of us will be very thankful) and the AnnaBelle’s Team will continue to work on his house training and getting him well-socialized in AnnaBelle’s Day Care Depot. We hope that Barney will be ready for adoption in a few months, after he completes 12 weeks of training classes.

This is been such an amazing team effort at AnnaBelle’s. All of our staff (and many friends) have pitched in, cared for Barney, worked with Barney, loved Barney, and fought over who he loves best. When we find the right family, it will be difficult to let him go, as anyone who has fostered a dog knows. But making Barney Rubble the best possible canine companion and finding him the right forever home is our goal, even if it makes us tear up and sniffle … a lot.

UPDATE: After only week on Petfinder, through a courtesy posting by Voiceless-MI, Barney Rubble found his forever home! He was adopted by an experienced Rottweiler owner, who lives in Grand Blanc, MI on a large property with plenty of room for Barney to run and play with his new Rottie sister!

Urgent – Foster or Forever Home Needed!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Debo needs your help! He is chained up and his owner is looking for a new home for him. His neighbor contacted the Rottweiler Rescue to see if they could help. Please contact if you can foster or are interested in adopting this pretty boy. Attention potential fosters: Rottweiler Rescue will pay for his veterinary care!UPDATE: According to Debo’s owner, he’s only 10 months old and loves children — the last house he was at in Detroit had 10 children and the 3 year old used to ride him like a pony. He barks at cats when on his chain but has never hurt one. He is housebroken and has never chewed furniture or been destructive. PLEASE GIVE THIS SWEET ROTTIE A SECOND CHANCE!

Support ICACS Woofer Walk – June 5th

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Ingham County Animal Shelter’s first Woofer Walk fundraiser is coming to Okemos – Saturday, June 5, 2010. Dogs and their people will be walking to raise funds for the homeless animals of Ingham County. Woofer Walk T-Shirts, Prizes, and Goodie Bags!

Walk with your dog to help the animals of the Ingham County Animal Shelter. Your participation helps lost, abandoned and abused animals in Ingham County. Funding helps our animals with medication, medical care and food. Walk as an individual with your dog, or put a team of people and dogs together for the walk. The whole team can help raise funds for the animals. Ask your family, friends, co-workers and local vendors to pledge toward you or your team.

Woofer Walk Route – 1.6 miles
Saturday, June 5, 2010
Register early – $20
Register day of the walk – $25
Registration Walmart Parking Lot
Registration 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM
Walk Starts 9:00 AM rain or shine

Find out more on ICACS website and download the registration and pledge form!

ICAC Introduces the Innovative “Foster with Intent to Adopt” Program

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter just introduced a new an innovative program to encourage fostering, adoption, and good family-pet matches.

At ICAC, we aren’t only working hard to find every companion animal a home, but more importantly we want the adoptive family and pet to be the right match so their relationship is happily ever after. Age, color, breed type or even a minor medical issue can cause uncertainty in the mind of a potential adopter. Some adopters have other animals in the home and have concerns about how the resident pets will accept a new pet. In some cases, an animal’s true personality isn’t apparent in the shelter environment. Barking dogs or shy cats and rabbits don’t always make good first impressions. But these animals have the potential to make wonderful pets – if only they had the chance to prove themselves!

This is why we’ve launched our “Foster With Intent to Adopt” program. Cats, dogs and rabbits chosen for this program have been given their shots, are fixed and if the pet is a dog, it has been temperament evaluated. Some pets just don’t “show well” in their kennel. Others at first glance don’t seem as cute-n-cuddly as their more attractive shelter mates. Whatever the reason, given a trial period in a loving home environment, we’re confident that their wonderful personalities will shine through! The process involves completing an adoption application, interview with an adoption counselor and adoption fees. The fees are not deposited until the end of the trial period.

If the trial adoption isn’t a match, then the pet is brought back within the one week trial period at which time an interview is conducted to gather more information about this animals likes, dislikes and needs to assist in finding him a more suitable home in the future. The fees left at the shelter are returned to the applicant. If the trial works out, then the applicant can either contact the shelter or let the week trial period lapse at which time the fees will be deposited. We strive to understand our pets that are returned to help them, and not to see it as a failure.

Author: Maria VandenBoom, dedicated ICAC volunteer.

Find out more about ICAC’s programs on its website and follow ICAC on facebook!

Support ICACS Humanitarian Awards Banquet

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

On Thursday, March 11, 2010, the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter (ICACS) Annual Humanitarian Awards Banquet Honoring those who made a difference in lives of the homeless animals. The honorees include Bryce and Kyle Billingslea, who rescued Howard the Combine Kitty, the entire Beebe family (Ralph, Sally, Ryan & Erin) who are receiving the highest honor at the Banquet, the Hope Award.  Young Ryan is also receiving the Humanitarian Teen Award for his  amazing 500 Volunteer hours of services to the shelter in one year!

Local rescue organization, Animal Placement Bureau, is receiving the Emmy Award, which is named after a young dog who ICACS tried to save, but was too badly starved.  Each year, ICACS also honors the memory of Emmy with Best Friends Fest, to raise awareness of animal abuse and neglect. The Outstanding Animal Welfare Organization of the Year award will be bestowed on The Kitten Nursery, located in Williamston. Many more citizens, companies, and organizations will be recognized for their outstanding humanitarian work with saving our animal friends in Ingham County.

The Banquet is at the Lansing Country Club on Moores River Drive. From 6-7 p.m., there will be a social hour and silent auction and dinner is at 7 p.m. The awards program starts at 7:30 at ends at 9 p.m. Tickets $35.00 per person and all proceeds benefit the Shelter’s Animal Care Fund. Call 517.676.8372 for tickets. If you cannot attend please sent a donation to the Shelter’s Animal Care Fund at the following address: INGHAM COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER · 600 CURTIS, MASON, MI 48854. And, ICACS is always looking for volunteers! Join the cause today!