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Sale! Monday and Friday Day Care Depot Special! Offer Good Until 4/30/16!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Monday and Friday ONLY Day Care Special!

Monday and Friday ONLY Day Care Special!
Check out this awesome Day Care Depot Special! Ten full days of Day Care Depot services for ONLY $245 (regularly priced at $265)! ONE PER DOG. This pass can ONLY be used for Monday and Friday full day-care reservations.

Your dog must have all required vaccinations and be approved by our staff for group play day care. All dogs must undergo a play assessment, which is available by appointment. Advanced reservations are required for day care. Passes expire six months from the date of purchase. Non-transferable and non-refundable.


Reg. Price: $265
Sale Price: $245

The Off-Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Safety-pledge-pet-center-Certificate-copyWe took the Off-Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge! We proudly commit that our dog daycare program has been designed for the safety of all dogs. In taking the pledge, we strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to go home from our center behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived.

We are proud of our focus on safety in our dog daycare program and felt the pledge was the perfect way to share that commitment with you. There are ten aspects listed in the pledge to operating a safe and fun off-leash play program. We are committed to continually strive to meet and exceed each one. Keeping dogs safe during off‐leash play was the driving factor in the development of the Off-Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge.

Co-creators Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs (The Dog Gurus) have over 30 years of experience as operators and consultants in the dog daycare industry. The pledge recognizes pet care centers that focus on safety and invest in their programs. They are co‐authors of the best-selling book: Off‐Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun. For more information or to take the Off-Leash Play Pet Owner Safety Pledge visit their website: or join their facebook page:

Your dog’s safety is a priority so we knew you would be interested in the Off-Leash Play Dog Owner Safety Pledge. We took the pet center pledge as dog safety in playgroups at our center is a top priority. Learn how to keep your dog safe during play with their playmates when away from our pet center. Join us and The Dog Gurus in keeping dogs safe in off-­leash play by taking the pledge today by visiting their website:

Holiday Meetup Play Date!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Download flier: holiday play date 2012

Sign up links:

Santa’s Medium Helpers:
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Play Assessments:
Mini Nose Work Clinics:

Annabelle’s Pet Station expands pet play areas and training services, adds four jobs

Sunday, August 26th, 2012
It’s been a busy few years for Annabelle’s Pet Station since their opening in January of 2009. When Ann Andrews and Angela Brown first opened the doors of their doggie daycare, they averaged about three dogs per day. Today, they’re up to 30.
To make more room to grow, Annabelle’s has undergone a year long renovation project that resulted in new play areas and expanded training opportunities. The business now has the capacity to host 50 dogs each day.
“We now will have three play floors: one for large dogs, one for small and one for medium dogs,” says Andrews. “People are finding how handy it is. It saves their homes; it saves their sanity.”
With their growing clientele, Annabelle’s has also been taking on new employees. The 13-member staff is up four new positions since last year, and will soon bring on four more. In addition to its regular staff, Annabelle’s employs four trainers and a groomer.
“It’s not just play all day,” Andrews says. “We work with the dog’s temperament. We do structured time with them too. There’s den time, a little bit of free play, structured play and some time outside.”
In the future, Andrews hopes to add overnight pet sitting services to Annabelle’s offerings, as well as an eventual overnight camp for canines and their families.

AnnaBelle’s Open House – August 18, 2012!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

A Day in the Life of AnnaBelle’s Doggie Day Care Staff

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Author: Kevin Eedy
AnnaBelle’s Day Care Staff

When you tell people you work at a doggie day care their response is usually “My, that must be fun”!  And it is.  It is also a fantastic learning opportunity in dog behavior.  It’s a labor of love to take care of (and clean up after) dogs that loving parents have entrusted to us.

So, what is a typical day like at Annabelle’s?  For me, it starts in the afternoon, so most of the dogs have been here for 4-5 hours by the time I walk onto the play floor, which means they are starting to slow down a bit. As I enter the play floor, the excitement level goes way up (“oh look, a new human to play with!”) and I spend the first few minutes walking around the floor so they get used to me and stop vying for my attention.  Every day is unique with different dogs, diverse play groups, the vagaries of the weather and each dog’s attitude that day.  The play groups vary in size from 6-12 dogs and ages from 6 months to the elderly, so you never know exactly what to expect.

A typical day has the dogs pairing off with their friends and playing in groups of 2 or 3 unless it’s “the chase game,” then it can be 4-6 dogs racing around together.  Often, we have to monitor 2 or 3 sub-groups within the entire play group, all the while making sure everyone is having fun.  One of the great benefits of day care is that dogs learn from each other what is appropriate and correct play behavior; and we are there to make sure they learn the right things.

In order to do this, we have to be able to understand the visual and verbal messages the dogs are giving.  It takes some time and experience to understand what the dozens of different breeds are “saying” with their eyes, ears, tails, fur, mouths, feet, voices and overall body posture.  Some dogs are easy to figure out and some are a bit tougher.  Having Mastiffs and Great Danes for many years, I can read them very well. But, give me a Shar-Pei with the small ears and a very different muzzle and tail and they are tough for me to read.

To help us work with every dog individually, all of our day care dogs undergo a play assessment by our Team Leader, Erinn Hadley, an expert trainer and professional handler, before they start day care to help ensure that we have dogs that can handle the day care experience and can get along with the other dogs.  This assessment also gives us a baseline, so we know where to start with a particular dog’s day care plan, which will evolve as they progress in day care.

Having been at Annabelle’s for over 2 years, I have formed relationships with most of the dogs, which helps a lot in managing their play groups and ensuring they have fun; they know what I want from them and I know what to expect from them.  Some of the dogs love to spend their time with the other dogs and some of them prefer to spend their time with us, some are rowdy and need some supervision and some are so mellow that you have to go to them to pet them.  But we love them all and I have made some very good friends over the years.  Just like with humans, I find some dogs that you bond with quickly and others take a bit more time and effort to bond with.

As a taller, older, hat wearing, gray haired and bearded guy, some of the dogs find me a bit scary at first, so I work hard to make them feel comfortable with me. The day goes by fast as I rotate between taking them on walks, playing with them, and of course all the petting and the belly rubs.  At the end of the day most of them are tired from the physical and mental stimulation they get – I know I am!  We take our responsibility for the care of your dog very seriously and I actually feel like a member of your family since you trust me with your beloved dog.

AnnaBelle’s Pet Stars – Cha Cha!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Bio of Cha Cha (AKA Cha Cha Miller)

Hi, my name is Cha Cha. You could say I’ve been a ‘regular’ at AnnaBelle’s Day Care Depot for about a year now. My mom (Marianne Miller) and I both love it here!! Day Care Depot has turned me from a wallflower into the ‘Belle of the Ball.’

I was born in Howell on February 5, 2009, to a Chihuahua father and a Toy Poodle mother, so they call me a Poochie. Although, I was obviously the prettiest out of my litter, I was so shy that I was the last to be adopted. When my mom came to see me, I knew she was the one, so I was friendlier to her. She held me, gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, and put me down. To my breeder’s surprise, I walked back to her and wanted more attention. It was a match made in heaven. The next day my mom took me to my new home and introduced me to my kitty sisters.

My house was wonderful and I loved my mom, but I didn’t want most people to hold me. I would get scared when she would hand me to them or they would pick me up. Instead of playing, I would bark at my kitty sisters and other dogs to try to scare them away because I was scared. I only wanted to be with my mom.

One day my mom took me to AnnaBelle’s for a half-day of daycare. They were very nice to me, but I tried to hide under the table. The little dogs were very nice, but I wasn’t confident at all. The nice people at AnnaBelle’s encouraged me to play and have fun with the other dogs. Before long, I was playing and having a wonderful time. They taught me clicker training, agility training and some really cool tricks. After a few weeks, when my mom took me in the door at AnnaBelle’s, I’d run down the stairs without looking back. I’m much more confident and have an easier time communicating with dogs and people.

I developed a crush on Benny the Chihuahua, so I could hardly wait to go and see him every week. He must have reminded me of my dad. (We’re just friends now.) My mom started taking me to AnnaBelle’s Day Care Depot for a full-day each week, and now I get to go for two full days a week. I have so much fun playing and making new friends. The people that work there are so nice and take me for great walks.

Mom recently held my 2nd birthday party at AnnaBelle’s Day Care Depot, so I could share the fun with my dog and people friends. It’s so great to have a place to go and play where I feel comfortable, playing with dogs my own size or ones that don’t scare me, and the people understand me. Mom’s going to take me to AnnaBelle’s for some training this summer. She says I’m not quite perfect yet. It’s fun to learn and play at AnnaBelle’s!!!

Cool City Dog Walks

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The salon isn’t the only place at AnnaBelle’s where the pups are pampered.  A unique element to the day care schedule is the pack walk. Pack animals by instinct, dogs need meaningful social encounters as well as companionship: a leashed dog walk ensures a safe and fun environment for the dogs to get these much needed encounters.

All dogs that attend day care at Annabelle’s are walked around the cool city that we live in. The day care staff fit the pooches in an Easy Walk harnesses and the staff wear a Buddy System, which is a hands free leash system. Walks take place mid-morning and mid-afternoon, always taking into consideration the weather conditions and the overall surroundings for the day.

Exercise has calming and mood-stabilizing effects; both humans and dogs benefit psychologically and physically.  Continued social interaction with other animals and people promotes a dog’s well-being.

Want to learn more about the Day Care Depot? Visit our website, give our staff a call at 517.599.0995, or complete a survey and have your dog play-assessed!

“Dogs Enjoy Second Home” at AnnaBelle’s Pet Station in #LoveLansing!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Author: Ameerah Gillespie • • December 21, 2010 • From Lansing State Journal*

If there’s one thing that Benny loves to do, it would be taking care of his pack.

Out of a class of 80, he’s established his spot as the popular pint-size in the room.

“I love Benny, the little Chihuahua that started with us,” said Ann Andrews, 59, who is one of the co-owners of AnnaBelle’s Pet Station in downtown Lansing. “He’s so funny when his dad comes to pick him up, his dad will hold his little crate and Benny literally jumps from there right into it.”

Benny is among many cool city dogs that attend AnnaBelle’s for training, grooming and regular day care. Thus the name @coolcitydogs on Twitter, a regular pro-Lansing voice in social media.

The one-stop pet drop dream turned to reality in 2009 with the help of partner Angela Brown. Andrews and Brown were lawyers at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn law firm in Lansing. But the distance to take her dogs to day care became an issue for Andrews.

“We were both in the litigation section doing arbitrations and trials and depositions and all the things that litigators do,” Andrews said.

Andrews stated that she and Brown have new jobs in law, but they’ve freed up enough time to work at AnnaBelle’s during evenings and weekends.

Andrews said one of the main reasons people give up their dogs are due to behavioral issues. Both Brown and Andrews said they want to change that by teaching dogs social skills.

No matter how big. No matter what kind.

“The thing that touches my heart is to see a dog that comes in that’s fearful, reactive and to finish up the six-week class you know, happy and anxious to come here,” Andrews said.

Pele is an 11-month-old Keeshond and spends time at AnnaBelle’s several times a month. His owner, Kara Schmitt, says she has seen positive changes in him.

“As many challenges as we’ve had, we’ve been so lucky with the staff that we’ve found,” Brown said. “A lot of that was really personal connections we all had long before we were even thinking about AnnaBelle’s … and to me that’s just been the amazing thing.”

“I’m a happy camper,” Schmitt said. “Pele’s very smart, so when they would be working on the second or the third night of class, he’s already on the fifth night of class.”

Brown says she feels lucky their company has done well even in a depressed economy.

“As many challenges as we’ve had, we’ve been so lucky with the staff that we’ve found,” Brown said. “A lot of that was really personal connections we all had long before we were even thinking about AnnaBelle’s … and to me that’s just been the amazing thing.”

*Reprinted with express written permission.

Black Friday Specials at the Day Care Depot!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

For one day only! Black Friday – November 26, 2010, AnnaBelle’s is offering all Day Care Depot passes at BIG HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS! A great gift for the dog-lovers in your family or the perfect gift for your own precious pooch. Buy your pass on November 26, 2010!

5 day pass: $99 (reg. $129)
10 day pass: $199 (reg. $229)
20 day pass: $349 (reg. $399)
5 half days pass: $49 (reg. $69)
10 half days pass: $99 (reg. $129)
20 half days pass: $199 (reg. $229)

And don’t forget – AnnaBelle’s Day Care Depot opens at 5:30 am on Black Friday, so your pooch can have a day of pampering and play while you get all your Holiday Shopping done! Reservations required – call 517.599.0995 today!