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Urgent Rescues or Fosters from the Rottweiler Rescue of Michigan!

From the Rottweiler Rescue of Michigan:


This very special family needs your help to save their lives. Through no fault of their own they are in one of Michigan’s saddest shelters where happy endings for the pets are far and few between. All pets who are not lucky enough to be reclaimed by their owners or adopted by new families go to a class B animal dealer. Class B animals dealers make their living from selling pets for research. A fate far worse than death.

GratiotlitterMom looks to be about 2 and the puppies are 6 weeks old. And if you foster for the Rottweiler Rescue, they will take care of the dog’s medical needs. Rescue is all about hopes and dreams – you can make the difference between this family having their dreams of a happy life come true, or, the worst possible nightmare of becoming a research experiment. They’re depending on you! Please note MSU is having many problems delivering the website online applications. Since time is of the essence please email and the Rottweiler
will send you an application by email that you can fill in and send back just by hitting your ‘reply’ key.

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