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Training That Clicks!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

From: Natural Awakenings Lansing Mid-Michigan November, 2011 Edition

Dawn Pizzoferrato, owner of Arrow Dog Training, offers clicker training classes for dogs of all breeds and sizes in groups on Wednesday evenings at AnnaBelle’s Pet Station and privately through in-home training. Certified as a dog trainer through the Animal Behavior College, she says, “My focus has always been on pet dogs and creating a positive home environment with their human parents so that it will become their ‘forever’ home.”

Pizzoferrato views dog training as an ongoing process and stresses the importance of educating dog owners on effective training techniques, such as the clicker method. She explains, “Dogs are natural pleasers, and they will try to fulfill their owner’s requests. The clicker allows the owner to let the dog know what those requests are, and the food reward provides the pay-off which entices repeat behavior.”

As benefits of the clicker method, Pizzoferrato shares that as both a training tool and a communication device, the clicker works better than verbal cues due to its consistency in tone and volume. She cites the speed at which the method works as one major benefit, adding, “I feel the biggest advantage to the clicker training method is the bond it creates between owner and dog. Clicker training is a mutual learning experience. While the owner is trying to get behaviors from the dog, the dog is also trying to get the owner to click.” This lends itself to endless training possibilities.

Location: Group classes, 600 S. Capitol Ave., Lansing. To register or for more information, call 517-599-0995 or visit For information about private training, call 517-449-9968, email

Reprinted with permission. To learn more about Dawn, and sign up for her clicker training and K9 Nose Work® classes at AnnaBelle’s, please visit her webpage!



Carol’s Corner – Is Corrective Training Necessary to Train Effectively?

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


Dear Carol:

Do you believe in using choke chains on dogs to teach them to obey?

Thanks for your time.

Kim B.

Hello Kim: Do I believe they can work? Absolutely. Dogs have been effectively trained for years using correction as an incentive to change their behavior. My initial background was based primarily on corrective training. However, in order for a correction to effectively change behavior, it must be consistently applied, timed correctly, and also be something the dog finds unpleasant enough that he wants to avoid it. Those criteria can be hard to meet.
Do I believe corrections or choke chains are necessary? Absolutely not. I learned years ago that the most effective training involves focusing on and reinforcing desired behaviors. I feel my responsibility as an instructor is to teach my students the most effective, humane training techniques possible. However, I try never to lose sight of the fact that the student’s background and personal beliefs will always have an impact on their training tendencies. My background is such that I can teach and discuss the pros and cons of each method or philosophy, enabling each student to determine which methods are right for them.
Thank you for your interest,
Carol Hein-Creger
Director of Training
Canine Training Center
Carol Hein-Creger has been training dogs and their owners for over 30 years.  She has trained thousands of people, including many local dog trainers.  Carol is currently teaching at AnnaBelle’s Pet Station in downtown Lansing.  Check out her her upcoming class schedule.
Do you have a training question for Carol? Send an email to with “Carol’s Corner” in the subject line or use the “Contact Us ” form.