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AnnaBelle's Canine Station Salon

Salon Hours

Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm
   - Call Ahead Nail Trims Welcome Monday-Friday!

   - All other services require an appointment.

Call 517.599.0995 or email for your salon appointment. Please complete our short grooming survey before your first appointment.


Please complete the Grooming Survey


Meet Our Professional Groomer and Pet Stylist!

  • Kandice Shaw is our amazing groomer and professional pet stylist. Kandice has been grooming dogs professionally for many years in the Lansing and Jackson area. We are thrilled to have her join the AnnaBelle's Team! You (and your dog) will enjoy her kindness, attention to detail, and calm grooming environment.


Grooming Basics

Does your pet just need the basics? Get a full bath, brush, nail trimming, ear cleaning, pad cleaning and trimming, and sanitary area grooming. Pricing depends on dog breed, size, coat length. Rates start at $45 for small dogs with short coats. Please call us at 517.599.0995 or email us at for an appointment and a price quote. If your pup just needs a nail trim, the cost is only $15.

Pampered Pooches

Does your pet need a little more than the basics? We offer the full salon treatment for your pet, including all the services included in the Basic Bath and Brush plus a full cut and style. Pricing depends on dog breed, size, coat length, and level of grooming required. Rates start at $55 for small dogs with minimal clipping. Please call us at 517.599.0995 or email us at for an appointment and a price quote.


Scheduling and Cancellation/Late Fee Policy

~All cancellations require a minimum of 48-hour notice or up to 50% of original bill cancellation/rescheduling fee will be charged.
~If you are less than/or 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a $10 late fee in addition to the price of the grooming services. We certainly understand that running late or missing an appointment cannot always be avoided, but in consideration for our other pet parents who have grooming appointments and our groomer's schedule, we appreciate a prompt telephone call to let us know if you are running late or cannot make your appointment. We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule.
~If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment will have to be rescheduled.
~If you miss a grooming appointment without calling us in advance to cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to appointment a payment of up to 50% of original bill must be made before making the next appointment.

FLEAS: If fleas are found on your dog, there will be an automatic flea bath and clean up charge of $25. Due to the extent of extra time bathing and cleaning these situations take, we must charge for the extra time spent. Thank you for understanding. 



  • Annabelle's is the best place to take your dog! I have a very fluffy, and very shy sheltie. He's nervous around new people, but every time I pick him up from a grooming at Annabelle's, he's relaxed and happy, and looks amazing! Annabelle's truly cares.
    - Tammy
  • I love Annabelle's and I trust my dog is in good hands when I drop him off to get groomed. I recommend Annabelle's to everyone!
    - kval07
  • My daughter's golden retriever was groomed at Annabelle's and I have never seen such a beautiful grooming on a golden.
    - Sandy K.
  • Sasha looks like a movie star!
    - Fred B.
  • Sherlock got a great grooming at AnnaBelle's today!
    - Mary S.
  • Just want to thank AnnaBelle's for doing such a GREAT job with Delia's grooming yesterday- she looks wonderful and can't wait to visit again. I highly recommend AnnaBellle's grooming services!
    - Erin G.
  • Norm and Molly looked so beautiful yesterday, you did such an amazing job with them!
    - Sabrina J.
  • Brought one of my dogs-a collie mix with lots of hair-for a grooming. It had been several months since she had been groomed professionally and her hair was out of control. AnnaBelle's did an AMAZING job-she was washed clipped and brought back to me happily wearing a cute handmade bandanna. She had previously had a nightmare grooming experience at a local vets'-where she literally had razor burn on her stomach-so we filled AnnaBelle's in and they treated her with the utmost care making a point to show us how her stomach had been lightly clipped but not with the razor touching her skin to avoid a similar problem. Everyone working in the shop was very friendly and they were willing to sit and chat about rescue dogs and general tips about grooming. I had a great experience and highly recommend it. We will definitely be bringing our dogs back to AnnaBelle's for future groomings.
    - Yahoo user 1/10/10
  • I am so pleased with the grooming services you provided for me and my Aussie, Cooper. He looked wonderfuland his "doggy do" was top notch. He is a retired show dog and I have searched for 4 years to find a groomer that would groom him to my did exactly what I asked and he looked good enough to go back in the show ring! He spends his days with me at my child care program and even the children noticed how pretty he was! Thanks for providing such a great service. Can't wait until it is time for another grooming!
    - Lisa L.
  • Thanks so much for the wonderful grooming of Diamond. He has not looked so good in years! And thanks for your understanding of his 'over anxious' mother.
    - Lisa A.
  • She was absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so much for understanding what I wanted. We will definitely be using you from now on!!! Thanks again!
    - Amy G.
  • The best thing about AnnaBelle's grooming services:
    "It was a terrific value. I would have (and have) paid more to get Izzie groomed. We will definitely be back. I like being able to drop her off for day care and pick her up all pretty and clean at the end of the day."

    - Kitty Rothwell
  • I take my Sheltie Harvey to AnnaBelle's for grooming. They by far have done the best job on getting him in top shape, and in looking adorable. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Superb grooming! he grooming service is outstanding! My dog is a bit timid, but when I come back to pick him up, he's always super happy and getting along with everyone. The groomer knows how to make him comfy and at home.
    - tamara360
  • Have been very happy with grooming -- love it. Can't pick one [favorite] thing -- have been very happy with the whole experience. I love how she smells when I pick her up!
    - Lisa Crumley
  • My favorite thing about about AnnaBelle's grooming:
    "Loved how friendly and casual the atmosphere was."

    - ihearteric5
  • My favorite thing about AnnaBelle's grooming services is that
    "My dogs are happy when we pick them up. You guys rock!"

    - Mike S.
  • "It is great that my dogs can get groomed, then go back to daycare to play."
    - Cherie Beck

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