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1161 E. Clark Rd
Suite 262
Dewitt, MI 48820
Fax: 517.853.5888
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AnnaBelle's Canine Station...The Cool City Dog's Destination.

Join us at Clark Corners!

AnnaBelle's is MOVING! We will be offering our training and grooming services at Clark Corners in Dewitt starting on February 21, 2022.

Our mission is to make dog ownership easy, fun and fulfilling so that everyone who lives and works in the Greater Lansing community has the opportunity to enjoy the health and family benefits of owning a dog.

AnnaBelle's is committed to providing convenient opportunities for Lansing-area dogs to become good canine neighbors and citizens. AnnaBelle's is unique in the Lansing area, offering top notch dog training, expert dog grooming, dog-related events and activities, and a pet boutique - all in our new convenient location where I-69 and Old US27 meet!

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AnnaBelle's Pet Station
1161 E. Clark Rd
Suite 262
Dewitt, MI 48820
(as of 2/21/22)

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AnnaBelle was Voted "Best of the Best" non-chain dog business by Greater Lansing Dogs message board!

"AnnaBelle's has been very active in the local pet community, which I love. Their attention to detail in caring for pets is awesome. You can tell they truly care about animals. I love that they know both of my dogs and I by name!"

- kval07

"The whole idea that Ann, Angela and Robin put together is just fabulous! They truly care about dogs and it shows in the business they have built!"

- Susan

"The most wonderful, accommodating people work there who really know their stuff when it comes to pets. An absolute joy to drop my dog off there knowing he will be well cared for!"

- yellowlab09

"They are community activists for the humane treatment of domesticated animals who have helped save and place quite a few animals."

- Diane

"Ann, Robin, Angela, Erinn, and Dawn are always so friendly! They truly care about your dogs and remember your name and your dog's name. They are also encouraging to other entrepreneurs."

- Amy

"Ann, Robin and the rest of the staff are always smiling and more than willing to help. We take our 8 month old puppy to them for training and feel 100% confident that he is well taken care of when he visits daycare. Thank you AnnaBelle's!"

- Erica

"I love this business because they clearly love what they are doing. What great teachers they have and I hope they stick around a long time."

- Marge

"I love this business because it reaches out to the local residents. It hosts wonderful dog meets and helps others along the way."

- bj

"I have depended on them for varied services. However, they go beyond this. Their engagement of social networking, and promotion of other small businesses is reflective of their love of the community and the people (and animals) that they serve."

- Laura

"AnnaBelle's isn't about running a business, it is about having an outlet for a passion for helping animals and providing a unique service to the Lansing community. Everyone there loves what they do and the happy animals and owners are proof of it."

- Sarah

"AnnaBelle's puts dogs first! They are the greatest!"

- Julie

"Everyone at Annabelle's is very friendly, loves all dogs, and treats everyone with great personal attention!"

- teagulper

"AnnaBelle's is a cool place where dogs can get it all done. Training, grooming, and day care all under one roof. Yeah!"

- Dogwalker50

"AnnaBelle's Pet Station is the very best at taking care of my dogs. When Robin groomed my two setters they had never looked so good!"

- Sabrina

"They have everything you need for a happy dog - training, grooming, daycare, playdates, the works! And they are involved in the community and local dog rescue."

- Angela

"I love Annabelle’s because I have been around watching them slowly grow and expand offering training, care, and having a wonderful staff and dog salon. I trust them completely with my precious baby dog and refer them to others often!"

- Amy G.

"Annabelle's treats everyone's pets like their own. I can't think of a better group of people to take care of my 4 legged kids!"

- winterrose

"They go above and beyond to take care of dogs. They offer everything to pamper your pet including day care, grooming, obedience and agility classes. Their instructors are top notch."

- Joyce

"I have run into Angela of Annabelle's Pet Station several times around town now, and I can say that she is one of the best influences on the local pet scene! She gives so much to the community, and I can't wait to begin classes with Annabelle's! "

- busbydia

"Grooming is outstanding, Scoob (doggie) is excited to arrive at daycare & tired when I pick him up and I can watch him with their webcam. Our training experience has been A+. this business is all about customer service both for humans & canines!"

- Chris

"AnnaBelle's is a great local shop that treats their pups and the pups' parents with awesome respect. They give back to their loyal, local community. They take fantastic care of my pups and definitely deserve this grant."

- misscoldroses

"AnnaBelle's has been a part of my pup's life since shortly after I picked him up last winter. They help me socialize my pup, and work with me on things I need to learn. They are great. I trust them with my pup, his daycare and training."

- Traci W.

"AnnaBelle's is very community friendly. They offer free seminars, community outreach to share info about pet friendly local business', and a variety of doggie activities lead by warm and knowledgeable employees. A great place for you & your pet. "

- Sneezer

"Annabelle's is a great place to take your dogs. They have doggie daycare, obedience classes and other great activities to get your dog involved. The only place I know of that plans a lot of dog friendly activities at no charge. Pick Annabelle's!"

- Robyn

"They are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable! They offer so much for the pets and the parents too! Love them!"

- animal angels

"Annabelle's is fantastic. They are truly dog experts and provide great customer service. Provides great obedience glasses, wonderful grooming, and stocks the best products. Only place I trust with my 4-legged baby. "

- BeccaJean51

"I love Annabelle's because they love dogs! They offer everything for the happiness and safety of our canine companions! They truly care about our furry companions AND their owners!"

- Pet First Aid Gal

"The team at Annabelle's took a timid puppy and turned her into the "belle of the ball". My dog is confident and happy. They not only care for their client dogs, but are great community partners, fostering dogs and advocating for dogs."

- chachasmom

"I love this business because it is upbeat and has great intentions as far as what is best for their clientele and their community!"

- Katie

"Annabelle’s is great because they offer such a variety of services and classes! I wish I could take all of them."

- lablover

"The people at AnnaBelle's are very nice and they do a tremendous job of offering fun and interesting dog activities to the community."

- Angela

"Fantastic, positive training. Active in the community and all around great people. Annabelle's rocks!"

- Danielle

"I love Annabelle's! They understand dogs and their owners, offer tons of great services, and are extremely active in the community! Why would you ever go anywhere else for what they do? :)"

- Murphkataz

"Great people run it who are involved in animal welfare for the whole community, not just their own interests."

- Martha

"Annabelle's is a great, local community-oriented business!"

- emilywhitemi

"Great people who love dogs (and their owners) and love their community!"

- Ty

"The people there are so awesome to the dogs and people! We have tried other places, but AnnaBelle's is just the best around."

- Carolyn

"They r wonderful with my dog and always willing to go the extra mile"

- Linda

"Annabelle's is a great community partner, not only providing expert pet care and training but also participating in and supporting various community events. "

- mbsn