Your Dog Nose Fun! Intro to Nose Work

Dawn Pizzoferrato

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Your Dog Nose Fun! Intro to Nose Work
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Your Dog Nose Fun! Intro to Nose Work

Does your dog need to burn off some excess energy? Does he lack confidence or need an outlet to fulfill his natural dogginess? Well then this class is for you! Handlers take a back seat and the dogs rule with this fun new sport that encourages your dog's SEEKING emotion. Dawn, an experienced Nose Work Instructor, will guide you through introducing your dog to this fun, new urban dog sport. This is NOT a socialization class. Reactive dogs are welcome. Come join the fun! Just bring your dog's absolutely favorite food/treat (bacon, cheese or roast chicken may be in order here). Class size is limited.

Tuesdays 7-8 pm. Six weeks: 2/25-3/31


All students must fill out a training survey.

Please provide proof of vaccinations on or before the first night of class.

Price: $139.00
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