Painless Pedis and Manageable Manis!

Karen Ryder

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Painless Pedis and Manageable Manis!

Are you tired of having someone else trim your dog’s nails? Does it take three people to hold your dog still to trim his nails? Does he pull away, growl, snap or bite if you try to touch his feet?  If so, this nail trimming class is for you. In this 16 week class your dog will learn to willingly and without restraint allow you to handle his feet and trim his nails. With the use of positive reinforcement and the approach and retreat method, you will learn how to desensitize your dog to having his feet touched. Also covered in this class will be various targeting behaviors, muzzle training and other husbandry skills.  Please bring your dog to class on a soft buckle collar or front clip harness, a six foot leather or nylon leash. No retractable or chain leashes allowed. No prong/pinch collars allowed.

Bring 2-3 quart bags of soft, small, easily eaten treats such as hot dogs, cheese or chicken. Bring a inexpensive, portable mat and sharp nail trimmers.

Tuesdays 7:30-8:15 pm.  16 weeks: 1/16-5/1

Price: $240.00
DatesNumber Available