Happy Hobbies!

Kyla McRoy: Certified Professional Dog Trainer

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Happy Hobbies!
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Happy Hobbies!

Winter blues? Pandemic slump? Stuck at home?

Let’s have some fun with our dogs!

Whether you need some hobbies for your dog to do independently, or you want some hobbies to enjoy together, this class will provide it all! Mental and physical enrichment can help our dogs be calmer at home, strengthen their bond with us, and generally improve their quality of life!

In class you and your dog will enjoy and learn about…

  • The BEST puzzle toys for your pup to chase, paw, tackle, and play with (get that excess energy out!)
  • Safe chews to keep your dog settled and content (during those Zoom meetings!)
  • Creative ways to make enriching experiences out of household objects/spaces (easy but awesome things we can do!)
  • Introductory nosework (sniffing things out!)
  • Shaping and luring behaviors (foundations for obedience or tricks!)
  • Fitness and body conditioning (balancing, pivoting, targeting things with paws!)
  • Introductory agility (jumps, hoops, obstacle courses!)


No retractable or chain leashes allowed, no prong/pinch/choke/shock collars allowed.

Individual “stations” (pens with sheets draped over them) will be provided to help your dog feel comfortable and support him/her to focus.

If your dog has extreme fear, aggression, or reactivity, this class isn’t the best choice for them. However, we encourage you to take a reactive dog class at Annabelle’s instead!

*Social distancing practices will be followed.  Masks are required for indoor classes.

Saturdays, 12-1pm. 4 weeks: 3/13-4/3

Price: $109.00
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