B.A.T. 2.0® for Puppies!

Kyla McRoy: Certified Professional Dog Trainer

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B.A.T. 2.0® for Puppies!
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B.A.T. 2.0® for Puppies!

Behavior Adjustment Training® 2.0 for Puppies

Dogs are everywhere! How do you teach your puppy not to become overexcited, fearful, or anxious or when they see a dog? In this course (based on the book “Behavior Adjustment Training®2.0” by Grisha Stewart), we simulate real-world situations where your puppy can build calmness and confidence when surrounded by other dogs and people. Starting outdoors at a distance, you will learn how to apply strategies that support your puppy to ignore other dogs, even at close-range! (Although not required, this course is a nice follow-up to the Control Unleashed course.)

In this course, we will work outdoors and you will learn how to:

  • Identify, prevent, and address early signs of anxiety and aggression
  • Support your puppy to make appropriate choices independently
  • Create your own B.A.T. setups to practice outside of class
  • Apply skills from Control Unleashed into the real world

You will need the following:

  • BAT 2.0® book
  • Treat bag (e.g. Rapid Rewards on Amazon)
  • Balance harness (by Blue-9 online)
  • 20-25ft long biothane leash (can be purchased at Annabelle’s for a 15% discount)
  • 2-3 quart bags of soft, small treats (chicken, hot dogs, cheese)

No puppies at the first class, as we will be learning important concepts, building leash-handling skills, and practicing with experienced demo dogs.

(Puppies under 9 months only. No retractable or chain leashes allowed, no prong/pinch/choke/shock collars allowed.)

*Social distancing practices will be followed.  Masks are required for indoor classes.

Saturdays, 9-10 am. 5 weeks: 8/1-8/29

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