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The Most Important Training Tool: The Right Leash

A lot of us at AnnaBelle’s love dog gadgets and we have tons of the latest and greatest in the vast and varied world of dog care and training. But, probably the most important tool for effective dog training is a good leash  that doesn’t slip in your hands.  A leash doesn’t need to be custom-made or super-expensive to fulfill this critical need.

Deer Ridge Leather Leash

The most important feature of a good training leash is the material. Nylon, chain, and retractable leashes can cause injuries, especially during training classes and in other stimulating environments.

Even if you are using 100% positive reinforcement during your training, you must be able to comfortably, effectively, and safely hold onto your dog in order to teach him not to pull and to keep him safe.

Leather, rubber, and Brahma Webb®, are the best for being

Brahma Webb® Leash

easy on the hands. Leather is every trainer’s favorite for sure, but often has to be broken in to be at its best and most comfortable. While it is worth the work in our opinion, for more immediate, easy to use options that don’t require breaking in, we love the rubber Gripper® leashes and the Brahma Webb® all-weather leashes.

At AnnaBelle’s, we offer a variety of durable, quality, and moderately priced leashes that are excellent for dog training, walking, and every day use. And, currently registered training students get 15% off any of our leashes. Check out our selection the next time you’re at AnnaBelle’s!

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