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Are You the Special Person Cami Needs for the Next Leg of her Journey to Happiness?

Cami (short for Camino, Spanish for journey) was liberated from the streets of Chicago and brought to Lansing in December 2011. When she first arrived, Cami was treated for a gunshot wound, injuries sustained from a vehicle, and malnourishment. She was skittish, fearful, hypervigilant, and easily startled. Six months later, Cami is a healthy, playful, and affectionate companion. She lives for long naps in the sun, laying on her back in the grass while having her belly rubbed, and playing chase and rough-housing with her people. She is completely house trained; not one accident in the house ever! She is highly intelligent, listens well, and learns quickly.

While Cami is a great dog in so many ways and has experienced tremendous gains in her physical and emotional health, she continues to be highly reactive to unfamiliar dogs, cats and people, especially men. Carol Hein-Creger, training director and owner of the Canine Training Center, says “Cami is an extremely intelligent dog and has a good understanding of basic obedience commands. She would benefit from a confident, secure owner that can appreciate her many qualities while working to gain her trust. She will give her heart to the right person.” Carol is offering a free set of classes for anyone who adopts Cami. With love, patience, time, and of course good training, Cami will be a terrific companion and live a long, happy life.

If you are interested in meeting Cami or would like more information, contact Adrienne at 517-420-0088.

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