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AnnaBelle’s Pet Star – Snickers!

Don’t fence me in!

My absolute, paws down favorite day of the week is Tuesday when I get to visit my friends – both human and canine – at AnnaBelle’s.  I’ve been going to daycare at AnnaBelle’s for a long time, just like my good friends Benny and Cha Cha.  I am not just a small dog; sometimes I get to play in the big and medium dog areas because of my large personality.  I love the variety!  My moms say Tuesday is the best day of the week because when I get home I’m exhausted and don’t get into trouble.

I’m not ashamed to say I am adopted!  My first family brought me to a shelter because I kept running away every time their children opened the door. Really, what did they expect? I’m half rat terrier and I take advantage of every opportunity to escape, explore, and chase anything that looks like a rat.

I even escaped the day my new family brought me home from the adopt-a-thon about five years ago.  I didn’t know what was happening. I adored the woman at the shelter.  I found myself having to leave her and walk down the street with people I didn’t know. So as soon as we got ‘home’ and they took off my leash, I immediately scaled the fence and ran back to the adopt-a-thon, which was a whole five blocks away.  I just wanted them to know what they were in for with me as a part of their family.  They still adopted me for a second time that day, so I knew they were OK. They passed my test.  (Note: I’m good at scaling the indoor fence at Annabelle’s too.)

Winding up for the big kiss!

I have two siblings – a brother, Hershey and a sister, Tonka.  They are Italian Greyhounds (I.G.s) and saints in my moms’ eyes.  I call them boring myself.  I’m half I.G. and therefore have to put up with their snootiness.  Of course they never show this behavior in front our moms, who don’t believe me.  I am proud of Hershey however.  You may have seen him win the 2011 Halloween Costume Contest in Old Town.  He was Hannibal Lecter.  Search YouTube with these cue words – Hershey and Hannibal.

Exhausted after a fun day at day care!

Back to me (me, me, me).  My moms always read my Annabelle’s report card. Sometimes I get “I needed quite a few reminders” in the manners section. I figured out my moms don’t like that because they wag their fingers and I hear “blah, blah, blah”.  Not sure what they are saying, but I think it isn’t good.  I found out when I get “respectful” they hug and kiss me and the “blah, blah, blah” sounds nicer.  I’ve been getting “respectful” for a while now.

I was lucky enough to go to Dawn’s K9 Nose Work® class last winter.  I love her; she made it fun.  My moms also liked it because I was exhausted on Wednesday evenings as well.  I hear all the instructors and classes are great.  I highly recommend them!

I love all people, so please be sure to give me some pets next time you see me at AnnaBelle’s.

Thanks to Snickers’ moms Glenna and Marsha for helping her write this great story!

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